Reuters News Service Fans Flames of Gender Hatred with “Ladyboy” Comment in International Article


Stephanie DonaldAnother example of media hatred reared its ugly head today when Reuters News Service published the story that PC Air, a new airline in Thailand, is hiring “katoeys”, which the literal translation from Thai to English is “ladyboy”.

The Reuters article ( which can be found on the website under the category of “Oddstuff” no less, uses the term in a very derogatory manner and underlines the point that these transgender people will be exploited as a “third gender” and forced to wear gold name tags that identify them as “She-males” not unlike the pink triangles that Nazis forced gay men to wear in concentration camps during World War II.

It isn’t surprising that some Thai transgender women would agree to participate in this debasing of gender challenged people since finding any decent job in Thailand is next to impossible and the cost of sexual reassignment surgery is very high everywhere in the world but PC Airline should be ashamed of itself for actively recruiting transgender women for the purposes that are next to prostitution since the passengers of this airline are obviously going to fly the skies looking for a “coffee, tea or me” chick with a dick to satisfy some sexual kink they have.

Peter Chan, the President of PC Airlines, openly admits to hiring gay male flight attendants and the transsexual flight attendants for a certain “open and friendly” attitude.

What’s next; a section of the plane where the passengers can go to close the curtain for a quick oral sex encounter before they get their bag of peanuts?

Shame on PC Airlines, and Reuters for making transgender people into an international joke and publicizing gay Thai men and gender variant flying prostitutes!

Where are you GLAAD when we really need you?
Stephanie Donald

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