Protest at the White House and Tampa, Florida

Dear Chosen Activists:

Bob Kunst at White House Protest March 5, 2012Enclosed is a composite of the dilemma and crisis we are facing with the Jewish Left selling out the rest of the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists and themselves.

It doesn't matter if they are in Israel or the U.S. and especially here in Orlando, where this statement began.

It's a chapter in my book, ironically on the day that Tampa just notified me today about our special event for Aug. 26, 2012 March and Rally from U. of Tampa to Curtis Hixon Park as part of the GOP National Convention with 15,000 media and 15,000 anarchists, pro-Muslim, Lefties come to garner their media while we garner ours and offer 1000 shofar blowers to sound the alarm of the dangers we are all in.

Below is the crisis we are facing and we get the blame for daring to expose the reality of this crisis and who is to really blame.

I urge you to look through it all to understand what is at stake here.

The media and Jews covering for Obama; the 'J St.' insanity to give it all up to the Arabs, only inviting more Jewish deaths; the Israelis who have no clue on how to do propaganda or to fight back, telling the world about the threats from Iran but doing little about it while allowing 300 missiles from Iran through Gaza to attack Southern Israel just last week, after 15,000 previous ones were allowed and Israel gets blamed for defending itself when it was too late to do so. All the appeasement has only led to more Jewish being killed, while Israel wants the world to respect it, but it doesn't respect its 5000 yr. "Covenant with G-d' and is in bed with its enemies. Meanwhile, the Jihadists are threatening Israel's very existance and America's and Obama is leading this effort with allowing Iran its nukes and supporting the terrorists. 

Where are the Republicans on all the above and on all of this oil blackmail on the global economy from the Muslims Obama is supporting?..... as timid as could be while focusing on contraception, porno, saving the fetus, gay marriage,ad nauseum, as if any of this matters to the Islamic Nazis wanting to kill all 'infidels'. Christians are under attack all over the world and still the 'silence'.  The danger is critical. AIPAC wants to petition Congress on Iran when AIPAC supports Obama allowing Iran's nukes. As we remember on Purim how Haman wanted to kill all Jews and now as we approach Passover, how G-d took us from slavery into freedom and yet the Jews keep oppressingBob Kunst themselves and appeasing again and again, because the Jews are still wandering.

Shalom International was banned from having a booth at Earthday in Orlando(see below, but it is a microcosm of the stupidity we are fighting). Their loss.... as we expose what is really going on.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst,
Pres., Shalom International

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