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rentboys.com picRentboys.com former website landing pageThe Ranting Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher LGBT-Today.com

       The reign of free love and a constricted morality has come about as the result of the indictment of Jeffrey Hurant, the former CEO of Rentboy.com on racketeering and prostitution charges in Federal Court this week.

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Religious People, What’s Most Important to You?

Religious People1Minor Details

By Bob Minor

In January, the worldwide Anglican Communion announced that it would suspend its U.S. branch, the Episcopal Church, from key voting positions in the Communion for three years. Meeting in Canterbury, England, its leaders representing the Communion’s 44 national churches around the world, considered this a punishment for the affirmative response the Episcopal Church has taken toward LGBT clergy and marriage equality.

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The War on Polite Correctness

Political-correctnessThe Radical Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today.com

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve been spending the better part of the last year thinking about the subject of political correctness and what exactly it means.

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Silent Night

slide 436062 5713752 freeStephanie Donald, publisher, LGBT-Today

It has truly been an amazing year. It’s a tale full of triumph and tragedy with hope, fear and tears for the LGBTQIQ community and our nation at large.

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Church-v.-StateMinor Details

By Bob Minor

There must be something emotionally satisfying for many people in arguments about religion whether they’re for “it” or against “it.” Beyond the strategies of politicians who prey on religious prejudices, people argue passionately, existentially, and obsessively about whether religion or Christianity, Islam or another ism, does, causes, or even “is” one thing or another.

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Pride, Prejudice & Greed

American-Liar31By Stephanie Donald—Publisher LGBT-Today.com

The 5th anniversary of LGBT-Today.com passed without note or comment from me on November 15th of last month. I didn’t want to allow December to pass without comment.

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Outrage Over Red Cups Fills the Attention Deficit of the Needy

fredphelpsMinor Details

By Bob Minor

Fred Phelps and his tiny, no-account, insignificant Westboro Baptist Church perfected it in the field of religious bigotry. But attracting attention when you’re a nobody to the rest of the world is now an established strategy.

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