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Trump-and-HitlerThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald| Publisher, LGBT-Today

In any Presidential election cycle, there is contention and anguish on the part of those who stand for progressives and those who stand as regressives. But make no mistake about this election, because it has become more than simply a “right or left” candidate issue. Donald Trump wants to take this nation down the same path that Germany once walked.

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822e18047ed95659184d73a683618477Minor Details

By Bob Minor

What must a woman endure to become president of the United States?

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1942-Aw-Take-The-Day-Off-Pall-What-Have-You-Got-To-Lose-Lay-Offs-Costs-LivesThe Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald | Publisher, LGBT-Today

A few nights ago Donald Trump, the TV reality star who duped ignorant people all over America into becoming the GOP nominee, gave a speech that effectively set another stupid spin into play by trying to play the card that it’s the Muslims who threaten LGBTQ Americans more than a constant grinder of bigots who gave themselves the unrealistic and unstable platform of rights to be bigots in the first place.

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religionaddictionMinor Details

By Bob Minor

Who’s actually setting the agenda for this election cycle so that even those who oppose them spend most of their time responding to their agenda and actions? It’s the authoritative personalities, the religiously addicted, and the politicians who court them.

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Nate Silver


The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today.com

According to Nate Silver and his blog, Presidential hopeful, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton got quite a bump in her poll numbers while Trump and his big mouth keep causing his numbers to fall.

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log cabin republicansMinor Details by Bob Minor

The Republican Party is in trouble and LGBT people will continue to be targeted as symbolic sufferers for it. As argued here in March (“Why ‘God, Guns and Gays’ Is Still Working”), no matter how the country is going in a more accepting direction, the right-wing is going to use discrimination as long as it works to rile up the funders and voters that make up their base.

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Homophobia3The Raving Lesbian

Stephanie Donald—Publisher, LGBT-Today

With our community still reeling from the hate-crime/mass-murder at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, there is one issue that no one is talking about.

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