Celebrating Dependence Day


th_g0302Greetings from Florida redneck paradise! The place where the meaning of the 4th of July is little more than a normal Saturday evening/night barbeque drunken and stoned party with the added bonus of either blowing off your own body parts or laughingly inflicting severe injury on your own family or friends!

Some of my neighbors are actually dumber than this:


The main point is that what they’re celebrating here sure isn’t the Declaration of Independence or pride in our nation. It’s more like some Frederico Fellini metaphor for what happens when a doctor hits you in the knee with that rubber hammer.

As we approached July 4th Facebook started filling up with all sorts of impressive icon pictures of American bald eagles, rippling American flags and impressive fireworks bursts over cities such as New York or434px-Statue_of_Liberty_7 the eternal French gift from artist Frédéric Bartholdi who was inspired by the Roman Goddess, Libertas, or the Goddess of freedom.

I find it hilarious in this day and age that a nation of plutocrats who want to rewrite history our history so that all our Founding Fathers were Holy Rollers that attended tent revivals, shook tambourines and yelled “hallelujah!” and force us into a “fundamentalist Christian” ideology hold a Pagan statue in such high regard.

People on the social media began expecting me to wish them a “Happy 4th of July” and were quite perplexed when I responded thusly;

“Thank you very much for the sentiment but I do not celebrate the 4th of July until the LGBT community is considered equal in every way by our government and all people in this nation! As a matter of fact, I stand with all minorities over their treatment in this country over racial profiling by states such as Arizona and Georgia who target all people who appear to be non-white as suspected illegal immigrants and all states who target African-Americans (who make up more than 80% of our prison population in a nation that already has the highest number of its population in prison per capita than any other nation on Earth), Hispanics and Asians along with other racial minorities in the drug war. When all people in this nation are equal then I will consider that we have something to celebrate!


I never got a response from this posting which I put up many times so that either means that people agreed with it or it pissed them off.
Stephanie Donald
I sincerely hope it pissed a few people off because I oh so love pissing off fundamentalist Christians, one at a time.

By Stephanie Donald
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