In any event, music plays a major role to set the mood. You cannot just connect your speakers to your iPod or Spotify Account to play party music and anticipate your visitors to go wild. For any kind of event, you should consider hiring a DJ who can play the right music and read the room. You cannot simply choose any outdated or a beginner DJ as well.  If you know what sets an amateur and a professional DJ apart, keep on reading this article: 


Professional DJ 

A professional DJ is expected to have plenty of experience that has been playing all over the area several times. Aside from that, they know how to do their field of expertise and adjust to the people or the type of event they are hired to play on. To back up their credibility, professional DJs usually have sufficient reviews to offer. 


As stated earlier, professional DJs have experience in playing the best music at the moment and reading the room and the audience. They are also knowledgeable when playing silly songs, slow songs, and party songs. Apart from that, they are those who do more than simply playing some tunes at many events, they can also serve as the masters of ceremonies who will aid you in conducting the event as they create announcements. Because of this, you wouldn’t want to hire an amateur DH since they are usually shy about talking in from of a big crowd. Not only that an expert DJ won’t attend your party in a t-shirt and jeans because one usually dresses in professional wear or they will base what they wear on your event’s theme. 

Amateur DJ          

We do not mean to imply that you cannot look for a great amateur DJ. As a matter of fact, everyone within the industry has started out as a novice at one point in their careers. What we want you to realize are the things that should be weighed and consider upon hiring the best DJ for any events you’re planning. Here are some cons with newbie DJs. 

Not insured 

Once your DJ equipment will be damaged, who do you think is liable for it? When your hired DJ does not own liability insurance similar to most of the amateur DJs, you might realize that you’ll be the one who’ll be liable for the damages even if you did not cause it. 

Poorly equipped 

Sine a lot of newbie DJs are literally just starting to develop their careers, they tend to have the most basic equipment. What makes it more irritating than a DJ who starts to set up equipment and home speakers that barely works in your special event? You cannot anticipate that kind of equipment to be enough especially if you’re planning to have a grand event in a big hall. If this is the case, you can barely hear the music playing, which could discourage the visitors to dance to it. 

Because of this, it is really recommended to only hire the best sweet 16 DJ within your place for a memorable and fun-filled day.