Due to technology, many millennials today are opting for jobs that are flexible and high earning; some even create their businesses online. This is why you can see a lot of social media influencers, online sellers, freelancers such as Photographers, writers, and web designers earning through the Internet. However, there are also technology-related jobs that offer both the convenience of dealing with technology and the Internet, as well as the “working environment” that traditional careers and blue-collar jobs provide. 

The following are the in-demand technology-related jobs you can consider in 2020: 


1.Application Software Developer 

The application software developer is one of the topmost entries among the 2020 in-demand jobs that related to the Internet and technology. This is in connection with the high demands of mobile applications, which dominate the business arena. Nearly all people in the world reach to different organizations and institutions – from banking, casino gaming, social media, shopping – you name it – through their mobile phones, and of course, these organizations and institutions take advantage of these demands. This is where the need for software developers has emerged. Aside from this, there is a high competition that creates high employment for this specialization. This 2020, this profession will become more relevant and in-demand.  



2.3D Printing Technician 

A few years ago, 3D printing had become popular as a revolutionary innovation in technology and printing. Now, 3D printing technology is becoming more common, and this technology has been used to create prototypes and products for commercial sale. It also has been used in different industries and institutions. Presently, there is a forecast for more job opportunities in industrial designing, aviation, biomedical fields, automotive industry, and other fields.  


3.Computer Research Scientist 

Being a computer research scientist involves different innovations in technology, especially digital technology. They aim to improve our experience in technology and find new ways for application and software developments. If you are a computer enthusiast who likes to embark on different research-related activities, this job is for you. 


4.Cybersecurity Project Manage 

It has been predicted that by 2021, there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings. This resonated with what the vice president of Convergint Technologies, Tony Varco, has claimed. This is in response to the shortage of cybersecurity-skilled professionals in different organizations.  


5.Digital Content Specialist 

The digital world is becoming more and more relevant as technology develops and seeps into different aspects of everybody’s life. It has been expanding very rapidly to the extent that industries are having a difficult time keeping up with the workloads and demands. This is why this field needs more applicants and employees. The number of digital services offered by different industries and organizations is growing on a weekly basis; the competition is always on, so both remote and on-site workers are needed. 




In the 21st Century, the digital and technological world has become more relevant to any societies in the world, and career opportunities in these two fields are expanding each passing year. So, develop the technology-related skills that you have and apply to these professional jobs.